The Digital Peace Pact

The Digital Peace Pact

Welcome to The Digital Peace Pact!

Change your mind, change everything? Really? Yep. Jami Amerine and Katie Reid—authors, speakers, friends, freedom teachers, and moms to many—love to unlock prison cells and lead people to the door! Over the course of three years, their newfound knowledge of how three parts of the mind work has entirely changed their lives and the lives of their families. When Jami and Katie get together…watch out!!  It is fun, hilarious, and truly, mind changing. 

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The Digital Peace Pact is a 7-part workbook on a mission, to “Prepare, Protect, and Empower” families with dual citizenship in the real and cyber-world. There are plenty of folks ranting about the evils of social media. But Jami and Katie were quick to realize that those rants, while effective at scaring parents, were doing nothing to help families guide and educate their children in a world where social media is a leading source of communication. 

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Welcome to the Digital Peace Pact with the sole purpose of gifting your family with the wisdom of how three parts of the mind work, while simultaneously teaching principles that will guide you and your children toward a healthy relationship with social media and each other, while creating a balanced and effective social media presence.  You can get your copy here!



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