The Shameless Demise of the F Word


Don’t worry, I am not going to say the F word.  I won’t say I haven’t ever said it.  But I will say, I can do better. I suspect we all can, but that isn’t really the point. While out running errands the other day, in an offensive blaze of Texas-sized,supped-up Ford glory, a monster…

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MOS: Mom’s Out Syndrome

Mom's Out Syndrome MOS

MOS: Mom’s Out Syndrome Mom’s Out Syndrome or MOS (Much like the green fungus that grows in the shade, deprived of sunlight. You can dissect the metaphor.) is a phenomenon that happens in families when a mom is out of commission due to illness, injury, mental collapse, dismemberment, death of a loved one, or now…

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The Number One Question Everyone Needs Answered About Covid-19


The Number One Question Everyone Needs Answered About Covid-19 We all have questions about Covid-19.  2020 has nearly zoomed right past us at a snail speed. We have stood by enraged or just quarantined through civil unrest, the rights of humanity, to mask or not, to homeschool or just graduate everyone who can hold a…

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Gratitude Blitz: Definitely Try This at Home

try this at home

Gratitude Blitz: Definitely Try This at Home We have discovered a new thank you, it is something you might like, and it is safe to try at home.  And, I can be pretty clear about it.  Which, in these odd times is a bonus, because none of us know what we are doing or what…

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The United Crazed Voices of Quarantine

The United Crazed Voices of Quarantine

The United Crazed Voices of Quarantine I haven’t said much about anything, let alone written a word during the current nationwide quarantine.  Sure, I have some letters behind my name and I am a “professional” encourager. But honestly, I haven’t known what to say or why I would say it.   And frankly, it has all…

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Pee First: A Bladder Story

pee first

Pee First: A Bladder Story I full-blown peed my pants this week.  I wasn’t laughing. And, I didn’t sneeze.  No, I just should have taken my own advice.  Pee first.   It really isn’t fair.  I am basically a fit woman.  Granted, I have given birth 4 times, to HUGE headed babies. Then I adopted two…

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If Moms Ruled the World: Mom Law

mom law by Jami Amerine

If Moms Ruled the World: Mom Law If moms ruled the world, Mom Law would make life run much smoother.  Maybe not every day, especially not Mondays, but for just a moment, let’s look at how different things might be.  I got a text from my oldest daughter this week, it was a news article…

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You Probably Need Counseling…

you need counseling

“I probably need counseling,” and my daughter and I said, “Yes, you do,” too quickly and simultaneously.  Which was awkward. And then my mom said, “Nah. It’s way too late for that.” No, really, it’s not.  And this isn’t a jab at my mom.  She knows she needs counseling. I think we all do.  Wait,…

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Facebook: Ten Years Ago Today

Facebook Jami Amerine

Leave it to Facebook to remind me what I looked like or where I was, last year, and the years before. This week I will be 48.  And, having arrived at 48, it doesn’t seem very old. However, I remember thinking that it was. As much as it irks me some days, Facebook birthdays are…

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Fashioned by Him: Life in Clothes


For someone who loves clothes and shiny things, I find myself with nothing to wear.  Actually, I have clothes, a lot of clothes. However, although for a good portion of my life my wardrobe was perpetually covered in the stains of motherhood, you know, spit-up, sticky handprints, and miscellaneous cheese food, my current wardrobe is…

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