Hello, Friend! I am so glad you found me!

I am Jami Amerine, wife, mom, author, artist, and life-magic lover.  

I am married to the amazingly talented, kind, gentle, funny, and generous, Justin Amerine.  Together we have six children: Our oldest daughter, Maggie, who is also a published author and embroidery artist who lives in Texas with her husband, Christian.  Our oldest son John, who is an ex-Marine and accomplished, swanky barber. He also lives in Texas with his wife, Anne. Our son Luke is a Marine Biology student in Honolulu.  And our daughter Sophie is a Directing and Productions student in Manhattan. Which leaves the infamous Sam and Charlie, our “second batch” of young sons who joined our lives through foster-care and adoption.  

Justin, Sam, and Charlie and I live on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. And that is the most fun thing ever!  You can read all about how we sold or gave away 95% of everything we own and traded our cowboy boots for flip flops and our pickup for paddle boards here

Which brings me to the author and artist part.  

I got my start in writing when I haphazardly posted my third ever blog post, An Open Letter to my Children: You’re Not That Great.  

That post, followed by a series of blog posts with the titles, Stuff I Wish You’d Quit Saying, catapulted me from, “maybe I will jot a few things down…” to seven books in seven years.  My writing partner and co-creator of our curriculum Digital Peace Pact, Katie M. Reid, teases that “I burp books.”

In the midst of writing Women’s Non-Fiction, I met an art agent in the waiting room of a spa, whilst in bathrobes, waiting for colonics.  And from that “chance” encounter I went from, “maybe I will paint some daisies…” to finding my art in Homegoods and other major retailers.  

See?  Life magic.  And I love it.  

Living in Hawaii, living in this rich and intoxicating environment is both humbling and inspiring. It allows Justin and I to be companion-adventurers with our young sons.  We are starting a whole new chapter in our lives, and doing it with Sam and Charlie is an honor.  Those adventures, the freedom I have come to know through writing, painting, illustrating and teaching, will be what you can read here.  And, this is the place where you can get my original saying merchandise.  

You can also reach out to me at jami@jamiamerine.com with questions about commissioned works and coaching!  Okay, enough of all that! I gotta get in the ocean.

Jesus be all over you!