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Jami Amerine

Paperback Fiction Bundle

Paperback Fiction Bundle

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Five Minutes on Charles Street (Paperback)

Saraphina Landrey-Shay is an independent, smart, “stupid-happy” New York lawyer on a mission to bring justice to the wrongly imprisoned.  But on her very first solo case, she is barely able to stay upright in her power chic stilettos.  Continually distracted by the vibrant characters of the West Village, Charles Street apartment, and her dashing boss Lance Vega, Saraphina must decide if she wants to maintain her illusion of happy while simultaneously watching her life run wildly out of control.  When some of her quirks prove costly and real danger is a threat, Saraphina must choose between her idea of happy or the consequences of her misguided, feeble control-choices that could very well cost the happiness or lives of herself and the people she has come to love.


In Lieu of Eating (Paperback)

Chef Clara “Honey” Honeycutt’s perfected world, her mastery of order and irreproachable design and presentation came to a crippling halt on the day her father confessed to the murder of esteemed food critic Leonard Pruitt. But as a year clicks away with no answers, Honey falls into obsession and addiction, spiraling her nightmare into an unrecognizable image of who she thought she was, who her father is, and a dangerous secret that threatens to destroy her and everyone she loves. A stand-alone second novel with cameos from Jami Amerine’s beloved debut, Five Minutes on Charles Street, In Lieu of Eating, will delight and keep you guessing to the very last course! 

Bon Appetit!

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