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Christian Women Speaker Jami Amerine loves to talk about Jesus, books, babies, writing, and life in general!

She would love to come to speak at your next event or be interviewed! Speaking to women’s groups is Jami’s great passion! As Christian speaker and a Christian woman herself, Jami loves to share her faith journey, live and in person.

In this event, Jami hits the most common stumbling block so many Christian women face, legalism.

Jami uses touching and hilarious anecdotes that bring clarity and wisdom to her audience. Jami’s diversity as a Christian speaker hits all the marks for reaching everyone in her audience.

With 5 plus years in women’s ministry, Jami has organically grown her social media ministry by sharing her faith and love of God with millions of Christian women worldwide. Nationally she has addressed women at conferences and live events. Her first book, Stolen Jesus: an Unconventional Search for the real Savior is her most favorite freedom topic.

Jami Amerine Christian Women Speaker

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"Christian Women Speaker, Jami Amerine spoke for our women’s Abound Gathering a few weeks ago…

Speaking with Jami Amerine

and our theme was Journey with Jesus. She presented three times: Stolen Jesus, The Ever-Present Jesus, and Jesus, My Patient Friend. Jami is real. She is relatable. She loves Jesus. She’s not ashamed of Jesus. Her presentations were well thought out and we received her power points a month ahead of time as requested so our media team could be prepared. We had about 100 women at our event and she was very personable and engaged with them. She tells heartwarming stories with which singles, mothers, or grandmothers can identify. From Walmart, to the ER, to the HS office with morning breath, to the foot of the cross, Jami points her audience to Jesus. Her writing and depth astound me, and I highly recommend her books, Stolen Jesus and Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors. Thank you, Jami."

Jami spoke both at our annual Christmas luncheon and at our church service the next morning. She was such a joy to have with us. She had us laughing and crying and most importantly she taught us more about our Savior. I highly recommend her as a speaker. You will be so very blessed by listening to her share her life and her walk with Jesus!!!

-LoAnne Waltrip

Jami was fabulous and her “down to earth”, “tell it like it is” narrative endeared her audience to her. She was authentic, loving, and approachable. I loved her no-nonsense bible doctrine and she didn’t deviate from God’s infallible Word. I would highly recommend her as a guest speaker for any women’s gathering.

-Susan Rood – Teacher

Jami is as real as they come. Her wit, candor, and love for Jesus connect with her readers and in person on every level. Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors encourages and breathes life into the tough days of motherhood.

-Erin Smith MOPS Coordinator and homeschooling mom of 4

Jami was incredibly real with our MOPs/MomsNext group. Her authenticity encouraged moms in their day-to-day struggles, and let them know that they were in a safe space to share both their beautiful and messy moments of motherhood, and that they aren’t alone! She reminded us to never let our child’s accomplishments make us boastful, and to not let their failures make us feel like failures as moms. She was a breath of fresh air!

-Shelby Flanery Paul Ann MOPs & MomsNext Coordinator

Jami Amerine was relatable, engaging, and laugh-out-loud funny!

-Anna LeBaron

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Jami Amerine

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