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Behind the Scenes of Tiny Little Things

This has to be one of the most fun things I have ever done, creating this series of tiny houses to launch my new art brand, Brush and Bloom Studio Lab. Tada!  I talk about the idea in the blog post I am linking here.  But this is the behind-the-scenes stuff.

Creating 90 Days to Stress Free: Renovating the House that Worry Built was a HUGE undertaking.  Not only did I have to write 90 devotionals, when my specialty is LONG winded explanations, it was originally 99 days, and so I had to rewrite the methodology to a different day count.   And while the art creation was fun, neither the publisher, nor I knew precisely what we were wanting for each page.

As it turned out, we used random household items and A LOT of flowers.  Because face it, titles, and flowers are my superpowers.

But it was while looking for inspiration on Pinterest that I spied the sweetest little English cottage that inspired the idea to use some of the THOUSANDS of cleaned images, I have collected over the last four years of writing and painting for my royalty agent, JLA.

I made this video to show you the process!

So, I created these darling little houses with all the components I have stored up and then, my art agent and I were talking about some of the pieces, and she mentioned my Angel Number arts is doing really well in HomeGoods and Burlington Coat Factory. I have heard from several of you looking for those mates, they can only be found here. 

But it gave me the idea, to name each house after an angel or aura number.  And so, introducing Tiny Little Things:

111 Darling Road

This sweet two-story has hundreds of hidden gems.  The entire front is covered in roses and there is a black kitty cat hiding in one of the windows and lots of cobalt accessories from 90 Days to Stress Free!  This piece also has a never before shared, commissioned piece called Magnolias at Midnight.  I had the best time creating this little angel house.

Jami Amerine's Tiny Little Things Art Collection


222 I Love You Lane

I love you too sweet little cottage with gingerbread trim.  This cottage makes me happy. I think I might need to write some children’s books inside here.  What would you do? This one doesn’t have any pets lurking inside… but I spy a parakeet in the bushes.  The mosaic tiles in this one were super tedious, and I loved every minute of it!

Jami Amerine's Tiny Little Things Art Collection

333 Angel Whisper Park

This Southwest inspired design has two of my favorite pieces from 90 Days to Stressfree as well as some of my favorite flower compositions.  With a nod to Sante Fe, 333 Angel Whisper Park looks like an artist’s get away!  I can almost feel that New Mexico sunshine!

Jami Amerine's Tiny Little Things Art Collection

444 Lovey Lane

A classic pink, stucco, salt box with lots of flowers and plenty of art inside the art, this proved to be even more fun than the last one!  Also, it reminds me of Justin and my second house on Oak Street!  Simple yet pink… my favorite combination!

Jami Amerine's Tiny Little Things Art Collection

555 Tangerine Drive

I am not going to pick a favorite.  But I am going to squeal, because this one turned out SOOOO cute!  Tons of art is hiding inside and these pretty orange blooms are just too much fun!  I call the rocking chair!  I think it looks like a little hill country bnb!  And that silly labradoodle makes me smile every time he shows up.  In this instance, I am pretty sure his name is Clive.

Jami Amerine's Tiny Little Things Art Collection


666 Rose Trellis Way

All my angel loving peeps know this house isn’t haunted.  666 is the angelic number for balance.  And I love the balance in this little house with a rustic feel and an eclectic elegance that begs you to look inside those big cathedral windows. The fuscia front door is on my list of things to do in this lifetime.  This 666 gives me all the good vibes!

Jami Amerine's Tiny Little Things Art Collection

777 Tiptoe Tulip Terrace

I said I am not picking a favorite.  Okay. This one is my favorite.  The yellow!?!? And all the reds and pinks???  And that front door???  And the mosaics?  I can’t!  I want to go inside with the plethora of cats and just hang out for a little while.  777 is the number for enlightenment… I think it should be inspired.

Jami Amerine's Tiny Little Things Art Collection


And those are the first 7 in the series!  I have 888, 999, and 1111 in the hopper with plans to create some holiday houses too! You can learn more about the different print sizes and product options for this series at

And as always, you can email me at or with any questions.

I so appreciate you stopping by and hope you will be back soon!


Love, light, and Jesus be all over you!  Love,  Jami


Get your copy of 90 Days to Stress Free HERE! 


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