The Most Fun Thing I Ever Did

jami amerine

“What’s the most fun thing you ever did?”  I was seated at one of those “too close, but it looks cool” coffee shops, with the tiny tables and lots of subway tile.  I was alone, except for the mother-son duo seated with/next to me.  The mother sighed at the boy’s question, “What’s the most fun…

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Behind the Scenes of Tiny Little Things

This has to be one of the most fun things I have ever done, creating this series of tiny houses to launch my new art brand, Brush and Bloom Studio Lab. Tada!  I talk about the idea in the blog post I am linking here.  But this is the behind-the-scenes stuff. Creating 90 Days to…

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Stuff I Used to Say

Jami Amerine stuff

Never put a cap on lifetime adventures. If there is a brand to be used, this would be my dad’s. My dad has done all the things. He’s still doing them, there’s no telling what he’s up to today. My dad has hunted in Africa, fished in Argentina, had food poisoning in the French Riviera,…

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Spirit of Story: Come Now and Rescue Me

spirit of story

This has been bouncing in my head for weeks now.   Spirit of story Come now and rescue me,  Journey beyond the seen and dream. Spirit of story  Come now, turn word to song  Brilliance, write no wrongs Sprit of story come now let’s wander far, page turn till dawn… Anyway, I don’t know, it is…

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I Quit: Moving to Schitt’s Creek

Schitt's Creek

This is not what you think it is. My physical person and family aren’t moving to Schitt’s Creek.  But for a moment, my life was written and directed by Dan Levy, and his father Eugene Levy became my vision of the face of God.  And when it was over and I was left with the…

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In Defense of Pocahontas 

Pocahontas may be old news or a faint freshman history memory

Pocahontas may be old news or a faint freshman history memory, but for me, she is a catalyst to words I have held close for a while.   I love Pocahontas.  And no, not the Disney version.  As a very young mother, I vowed none of my children would ever watch the Disney version of the…

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Real Belief in a Really Noisy World

Real Belief

Oh, but it is noisy, the world and its opinions.  How do we know what we even know what real belief is anymore?  During some intentional research for a proposal I am working on, the loudness got to me.  By the time I closed my computer and shut my phone down for the day, my…

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God vs. The Law of Attraction

law of attraction

God vs. The Law of Attraction Hey. Are you ready for it? It’s 4 am and I have grappled most of the night with a few questions about God versus the Law of Attraction. I don’t know where I was when the hype first started, but it’s been nearly two years since I began studying……

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The Habitual UnFaithful: Undoing the Autocorrect of Unbelief

autocorrect of unbelief

The Habitual UnFaithful: Undoing the Autocorrect of Unbelief Habitually unfaithful, how does one autocorrect unbelief? I mean, “She’s a good baptist.”  And she did a great job at it, in Sunday school, potlucks, ladies’ auxiliary luncheons, funerals, baby dedications, and Fall Festivals, benefiting the church’s Mission Inner City Salvation Crew.   But when the tables and…

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Dreams by Suzann Smith


Listen here to Dreams by Suzann Smith read by Jami Amerine! Or on your favorite podcast app!  Or read it below   “Good morning,” Sammie grunted in reply to the entirely too cheerful “Good Morning, Mommy!” she had received from the little pixie who had come to steal her sleep. “Mommy!” The little creature continued with…

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