Our Favorite Smoothie and Green Blender Review 2 pouring in smoothie

Our Favorite Smoothie and Green Blender Review

I love a good smoothie.  Yes, I basically run on smoothie power.

Any of you that know me know… I LOVE SMOOTHIES.   We drink a lot of smoothies at our house.  A lot.  And I am a busy gal.  It is easy to get into a habit of strawberry, banana, peach, orange, spinach, almond milk… repeat.

And repeat.

Also, repeat.

But when something works it just works.  And the thing I love most about smoothies is that my younger kids LOVE them.  If not for my

Vitamix, I can promise, spinach would never cross the lips of my vandal sons.  I have been known to add it to a chocolate chip milkshake. 

Blended well, they never suspect that it was actually a salad.


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AS PROMISED!  Here is our fave at-home recipe!!!

Sacred Ground Sticky Floors Sneaky Spinach Smoothie

Yield 2-5 servings depending on size

This is our favorite go to smoothie… can’t get enough of this fruity (with secret spinach) concoction! 


1 cup fresh or frozen peaches

1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries

1 banana

1 Tbsp ground flax (optional0

1 cup orange juice

1/2 cup almond, coconut, soy, or whole milk

2 cups loosely packed organic spinach

2 cups filtered water (if using fresh not frozen fruit you can use ice in this step)


Add ingredients to the mixer and blend until smooth!  We use a Vitamix blender but we have also used a Ninja and a Nutribullet!

Courses Breakfast or Lunch

Cuisine Vegan or Vegeterian

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