Surprised by Charm: Charming Gift Giving

Season 5 Episode 7 Charming Gift Giving

  1. Gift Giving – Are you a good gift giver? Here’s how to give gifts that people adore.
    1. Jami Prays
    2. Road Sign Be Like God – A giver of good gifts gives contingent on nothing.  Give freely, of the spirit and let the blessing of the joy of giving overtake the greed of receiving.  
    3. Scripture – James 1:17 -“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” 
    4. Healthy Bite: Benefits of Manuka Honey
    5. Book Recommendations Gift Books Pure Joy by Crystal Wade for expectant moms or my book… Sacred Ground Sticky Floors.  I love to give graduates dr. Seuss’s Oh the Places You’ll Go and ANYTHING by Kevin Hankes for children’s gifts. My favorites are Owen and Lily’s Plastic Purse.


Mentioned in this show: 


5 kinds of gift-givers according to Psychology Today

  1. The Genuine giver has actually thought about you and what would give you pleasure.
  2. The Status Hound is the costly gift as self-enhancement—a show of money or power, or perhaps both. In this case, the gift has nothing to do with the recipient but everything to do with the giver.
  3. The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is the giver who likes to be thought of as a wonderful gift-giver with perfectly wrapped gifts but his or her spirit is no more genuine than the Status Hound. The Wolf is likely to send a check, rather than a present, and will “re-gift” items without thinking about whether the gift actually suits the recipient.
  4. The Power Player – Perhaps the worst kind of giver—the one who really knows how to manipulate the symbolic nature of the gift—these people are the likeliest to hurt or disappoint us, especially at the holidays. Because they understand how gifts can cause us pain, consciously or unconsciously, they choose gifts that do exactly that.


And listen to Season 5 Episode 7 here! Surprised by Charm!  Charming Gift Giving

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