Living Life as Gracie

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Living Life as Gracie

Hi. My name is Gracie. Well, that’s my new name since he came and saved me from that awful place where they were killing me every day. I’m sure I would have died there if he had not come. Who is he? His name is Michael. He is my angel. I’m an English Bulldog and this is my story.

For eighteen months I had the same life every day.

I woke up and went out a little door to some rocky ground where I would “do my business” as Michael calls it, and then wait for someone to bring me some food. I would only see them pass by as they dropped off my portion in my dish. I don’t know their name because they didn’t talk to me. It was usually a man in a yellow coat.

A couple of times he took me out of my home into a dark building where he would tie me up and another dog would come in with me.

I didn’t like that at all. I was so scared! When the man in the yellow coat was done with me, he would put me back in my home and then come check me every week. I remember one day the man in the yellow coat came with a lady. I heard her say that I was worthless, and they needed to get rid of me because I was taking up too much space in their budget! I didn’t know what that meant but it didn’t sound good. I really didn’t like it when they came to my home. I wanted to be left alone. My life was better than when they didn’t come to visit even though I was very lonely!

The next time the man in the yellow coat came he took me up the hill. I had never been up the hill before. Only the puppies went up the hill. When they went up the hill they never came back. I didn’t know what happened to them exactly, but I was afraid. I wanted to go back to my home.

When I got up the hill I was tied up again and put in a big tub where I was washed clean, and my nails were all cut.

After I was dried the lady called for me to come outside. I was set free. I wanted to run! I smelled someone who was different and unfamiliar. The lady called me outside and I saw Michael for the first time. He looked very kind and was so gentle. He touched me! He didn’t hurt me. He had a lady with him too. Her name was Faith. They both smiled and gave the lady from my home money and said I was perfect. Well, that sounded nice! I had never been called perfect before.

I was afraid as they put me into their car, and we drove away from my home. Where were they taking me? I was excited and terrified all at the same time. No one had ever been nice and loved me before.

As we rode along, they promised me I was going to a new home and they would take good care of me and love me. They promised that no one would ever hurt me again. They told me I was beautiful. How could I trust these two people would give me the new life they promised?

I sensed that Faith and Michael were different.

They smiled at me and talked to me. They touched me and spoke softly. They kept the temperature nice and cool. They even had really yummy treats just for me. There were no other animals with them. It was just us. Faith sang to me as she pet me and we rode along! I wondered if this was heaven.

I remember hearing them talk about changing my name.

The man in the yellow coat sometimes called me Classy. I thought that was a pretty okay name. Why were these people going to change my name? First, they take me away from home and now this? But then Faith, said let’s name her Gracie. Well, that sounded really nice. I liked that name and so did Michael. I was so excited that I put my head on Faith’s lap.

When the car stopped Michael got out and came to pick me up out of the car. There were rocks under my feet. Nothing different here. But then, I saw grass everywhere. There was a big field all around the house. He called me to follow him. I wasn’t tied up. I just followed him.

Inside the house, I could go wherever I wanted to go.

They showed me all the rooms and where my food and water laid. I could hardly believe it! I had a real home!!

I was still afraid! I had not had a big field and so much space for my own before. I wondered why they were being so nice to me. What was I going to do with all this space? Were they going to fill it with more dogs? I didn’t hear any barking. I was still getting use to my new name. Gracie they called me. They had so many smiles and treats for me as they said my name every time! It felt good but I had never had anyone be good to me before.

Michael would leave in the morning and when he came home in the afternoon he would come see me right away. We would go outside to the field and he would feed me. We would walk around and around. I could smell all the good things in the grass and the bushes, the flowers and the garden. It was the most beautiful place I had ever smelled.

Michael and Faith let me live in the house with them.

Why was it okay for me to live with them? Was I being set up? They would try to get me to come out from the corner to play with them and enjoy the rest of the house, but I was too afraid. I felt safe in my corner. I would hide there most of the day.

Every day they would love me, talk to me, feed me, give me a nice home and toys, go outside with me to play in the grass and around the garden. It was such a beautiful life. I was starting to trust them more.

I started coming out of the corner and sitting next to Michael.

He had the largest seat in the house, so I assume that makes him the most powerful. I’m still a little afraid of Faith. That other lady was just so mean to me! I’m just afraid to trust that Faith will keep on being nice to me. Every once in a while I test her by jumping at her and barking but she just loves me the same.

Well, after being with Michael and Faith for almost 2 years now I really do love and trust them. They rescued me from wicked people who only wanted me for riches. They promised me a new life and they have not only given me a new life but a new name.

I’m so happy here. I don’t ever want to leave!

Do you think about the new life you have in Jesus Christ? He has saved us from Satan who wanted to destroy us and Jesus wants to give us a new name and a new life, but it can be difficult for us to really trust Him.

When I’m afraid, I’m going to remember Gracie and know that God will keep His word!

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