Patience: How to Organize Thoughts and Feelings Without Losing My Ever-Loving Mind 1

Patience: How to Organize Thoughts and Feelings Without Losing My Ever-Loving Mind

Ah, patience.

A buzz word among women.  We either have it, need it, want it, or have given up all hope of ever meeting with it in this lifetime. If I had patience would I have peace?  If I had peace would I be more patient?

My husband Justin, is a prince charming when he’s headed home at the end of the day.  I needn’t ask, he always texts and says, “Do I need to run in the store before I come home?” Our ranch is twenty minutes from the nearest grocery store, and no one wants to make a second trip.  Justin and I aren’t branded for our excellent communication skills with one another. With my double edged snark and his polite, yet insanely rude silence, we tend to misinterpret one another often.  But he knows I know he knows I can’t take three little people to the grocery store and write a book, manage a household, finish school work, workout, and still achieve a healthy marriage, unless he makes sure we have milk.

And I know there is a God because somehow Justin, a small-town boy from West Texas and I, a nomad Oil man’s daughter ended up together in this lottery called life.  Last night, as we sat down to break bread with the remnants of our mismatched large family this post was bubbling in my brain.  The God of the Universe pulled up a chair next to us and gently elbowed me, “Hey, tomorrow… let’s talk about patience.”

The conversation started about wasps.  There were swarms of wasps outside.  There was a tapping sound on the kitchen window as hordes of the devil’s bees swarmed in the yard.

You can be a fly on the wall or wasp on the window for this dialogue at dinner.

Me: What is going on with all the wasps?

Justin: I don’t’ know, they’re everywhere.

Me: Is it because of the cold front?

Justin: Maybe, but I didn’t see any turtles crossing the road. Of course, it hasn’t rained.

Me: No.  But the temperature dropped dramatically.

Sophie: Wait, we saw a turtle.

Me: No, that was dead.

Justin: Dead on the road?

Sophie: Yes, which means it was crossing the road.

Me: That’s true but we don’t know how long it had been there.

Justin: Where did you see it?

Sophie: On the main road, next to the school.

Justin: What time?

Me: After school.

Justin: Sophie, do you remember seeing it before school?

Sophie: No.

Me: She was reading on the way to school.  We could have missed it.

Sam:  Can I go outside?

Charlie: ME TOO!

Justin: No, the wasps are swarming.

Sam: Why?

Me:  We don’t know.  We think its about to rain.

Sam: Why?

Me:  Because a turtle may or may not have been killed in the last 11 hours over by Sophie’s school.

Sam: Cause of the wasps?

Justin: No. Because of a cold front with or without the chance of rain.

Sophie:  Why don’t you guys just look at your phones to see if there’s a chance for rain?

[clickToTweet tweet=”If I had more #patience would I have more #peace or is it the other way around?” quote=”If I had more #patience would I have more #peace or is it the other way around?”]

Justin:  Those reports aren’t ever right.

Just then… BANG.  A cardinal flies into the window.

Me:  Oh my gosh! She’s been doing that all day.

Justin: I bet it’s going to rain.

Me: That’s not a sign for rain.


Justin: It’s a sign for something.

Sophie:  She can probably hear this conversation and wants to render herself unconscious.

Justin gets up to investigate.

Justin: There is a male cardinal on the fence.

Me:  Yeah, that’s not  a chance for rain, she’s just unhappy in her current relationship.

Sam:  Mommy!  Wook!  Its waining!

Justin: That’s weird, I wonder if that was in the forecast?

Charlie:  I just pooped.

Me:  I am going to google it.  Siri, do birds fly into windows when it’s about to rain?

Justin: Ask her about the wasps too.

Charlie: I JUST POOPED!!!  I needs a new diaper.

Sophie:  Can I be done with you people now?

The weird science of family.

The long way around the horn.

The voodoo of West Texas Meteorology.

Spilled milk, standardized testing, checkbook balancing, book writing, laundry, bed time stories, lunches to pack, phone calls to make, and life to live at the core of my to-do list, I don’t have time to manifest the patience by which I would also have peace.

Peace and patience.

If I were more patient would I have more peace?

If I were more peaceful would I have more patience?

Which came first the chicken or the egg?  The turtle or the rain?

In this week’s episode, we continue our discussion, Juicing the Fruits of the Spirit: PATIENCE

Join myself and my sister Stacey Todd as we talk about the mystical beast of patience.  Personality or spiritual aptitude, patience is a quality we all need.  But how can we manifest it is the chaos of life?  We propose: you can’t.  Sure, you may have been born with a naturally “chill” disposition, but what about when it comes to waiting on God?  A God doesn’t follow our timeline?

In this episode, our patience was tried as we had to record this episode… twice.  Make sure and subscribe on either iTunes or SoundCloud and goodness – we sure need some reviews to help our ranking!

It’s a great Saturday to listen to a Podcast!

Two sisters, one Savior, a wealth of FUN!

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  1. Glenna McKelvie on April 29, 2017 at 11:45 am

    you my dear, are already patient…if that were my dinner conversation, I would have jumped off a cliff, if indeed there were any
    cliffs in Conroe, Texas.

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