Atmosphere Product Recommends for Your LD Child

So as not to bombard you with links in a post, this post goes along with Creating an Atmosphere of Chill. I am creating this product recommendation post for atmosphere helps.  It does include affiliate links, cause a girl’s gotta buy groceries.

Laundry Product

For laundry detergent, there is the option of making your own.  I am including that recipe at the bottom of this post (jump to recipe ,) you can use essential oils to add a touch of fragrance.  If you aren’t feeling all “Pioneer Woman,” we have had success with these…

As far as soap goes, we make and sell our own. You can visit my Etsy Shop here to see what we have, we are adding four more scents soon. Prior to that, here are my faves.

In the ways of shampoo, product recommends…

And we like this deodorant for dozens of reasons. It has a very light fragrance and is natural

I am very impressed with all the things I have bought and used from Sowell. Right now we are treating Sam’s eczema with their Hydrating Whipped Body Butter. It has 84 Mineral Rich Himalayan Salts. I worried that it would sting, because of the salt. But Sam asks me to put it on him. And they have several scent free moisturizers and other products. You can learn about those here. And click on the picture of sweet Sam to go directly to this fantastic moisturizer.

Sam Amerine and product we love

I love SoWell’s Salt Lamps for diffusing Essential oils.  This one pictured is my favorite.  I also appreciate the fact that SoWell is a Fair Trade Company.  Again, you can follow this link to learn more about them or click on the picture to get a light bowl like mine.  It has a dimmer and the warm orange light is therapeutic relief from the harsh blue lights we are bombarded with all day.

Salt lamp products I love

In respect to noise, we have had several white noise machines.

I am only linking the ones I am familiar with.  But, there are also white noise apps and youtube channels available.  Also, some household fans make just enough noise to suffice, or even a bathroom vent/fan might work.

With Luke, fidgeting and textures calmed him. He constantly had to be messing with something. It is hard to let go of this tendency as distractable, but once I realized how much it helped him, I was ready to make allowances for him. And so was his school.

And another option is weighted blankets or a pillow to lean on.  There are tons of options.  We had a “blessing blanket” made for Luke.

But here are some options I found on Amazon.

Above all, I recommend respecting what works for your child. It is easy to think that they will only learn with two feet flat on the floor sitting in a chair. As I was researching this, I knew I had at least one picture of Luke in his perfected learning atmosphere… I was right. And… I had to have a good cry after I saw this. I miss my grown babies.


Yes, they were trying, but you can’t buy this… enjoy them. They grow up very fast. But in the ways of compromise here are some “desk suggestions.”

You can find a world a blue light blocking glasses for your child that could vastly improve their concentration.

And, it is a product recommend grabbing for yourself too!

And as I said in the previous post, try these light bulbs for a subtle change to all the blue light!

Get your I am Cards for Struggling Learners here now!  Speak life and truth into your baby!

I have made this set of “I am cards” from journal entries I had when John was just a boy. I am in awe of the work that God had before John and I even realized it was to be. Things no eye had seen. literally no ear had heard. I know that you might be scared with all that is before you with a struggling learner. So, I pray these cards offer you hope in the future God has planned for you and your child.

struggling learner button

I recommend printing these on card stock and cutting them in half.


Get them here! 

For now!  That’s all!  But make sure you subscribe to my email list so you never miss a new post!

Natural Homemade Laundry Soap



Yield 32 ounces

This is the homemade laundry soap that Justin makes.  We use a bar of our soap, which I mentioned above.  I hope you love it as much as we do!  


1 bar or 4.5  ounces shaved bar soap (all natural)

14 ounces Borax

14 ounces Washing Soda


Mix together with a large wooden stir stick or spoon.  This yields about 32 Tablespoons.  We use 2-3 teaspoons per load!

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