Stuff I Wish You’d Quit Saying…  You’re SOOOO AWFUL!

 Stuff I Wish You’d Quit Saying…  You’re SOOOO AWFUL!

I remember the first hate mail I got this time last year. I have never been so shocked.  Keep in mind I had a handful of readers, most of whom were family or friends and basically agreed with me.  So when An Open Letter to my Children: You’re Not That Great, went viral I was undone by the hate. I didn’t know people would ever even care, let alone want to “Beat me to death while your children children watch.”

As things calmed down and the Vomit blog went viral, I thought, “Surely no one can get mad over this?”

Employees who are forced to go to work when they have a stomach bug were not amused.

And then… “Stop praying for me really hard,” published.  And it was a butt-kicking.

I am not ever fully prepared to be told off, in spite of the snark, I am not a fan of confrontation.  No post of mine has ever been more misinterpreted than “Stop Praying for me…” I find it ironic that this podcast, that led the girls at “They Say” to interview me was part of my Write 31 Days series last year. And last night as I lie doped up on Phenergan believing I would die from this stomach bug the irony increased.  There will continue to be people that disagree with me, wishing I was dead. But the truth is, this is all I meant by the post.  I can’t make everyone read to the bottom and there’s no way that everyone will agree with me… but this is the heart of that post. It is a short interview and it was so much fun. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Thanks for having me on your show girls!  It was so fun, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to listen to this podcast where I talk about “Praying God’s Will.”  

May your floors be sticky and your calling ordained.  Love Jami

You can hear more of the awesome chatter by following this link to the “They Say” girl’s podcast!




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  1. Glenna McKelvie on October 22, 2016 at 4:38 pm

    Some folks just WANT to misunderstand!

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