The Shameless Demise of the F Word


Don’t worry, I am not going to say the F word.  I won’t say I haven’t ever said it.  But I will say, I can do better. I suspect we all can, but that isn’t really the point. While out running errands the other day, in an offensive blaze of Texas-sized,supped-up Ford glory, a monster…

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MOS: Mom’s Out Syndrome

Mom's Out Syndrome MOS

MOS: Mom’s Out Syndrome Mom’s Out Syndrome or MOS (Much like the green fungus that grows in the shade, deprived of sunlight. You can dissect the metaphor.) is a phenomenon that happens in families when a mom is out of commission due to illness, injury, mental collapse, dismemberment, death of a loved one, or now…

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Gratitude Blitz: Definitely Try This at Home

try this at home

Gratitude Blitz: Definitely Try This at Home We have discovered a new thank you, it is something you might like, and it is safe to try at home.  And, I can be pretty clear about it.  Which, in these odd times is a bonus, because none of us know what we are doing or what…

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Pee First: A Bladder Story

pee first

Pee First: A Bladder Story I full-blown peed my pants this week.  I wasn’t laughing. And, I didn’t sneeze.  No, I just should have taken my own advice.  Pee first.   It really isn’t fair.  I am basically a fit woman.  Granted, I have given birth 4 times, to HUGE headed babies. Then I adopted two…

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Facebook: Ten Years Ago Today

Facebook Jami Amerine

Leave it to Facebook to remind me what I looked like or where I was, last year, and the years before. This week I will be 48.  And, having arrived at 48, it doesn’t seem very old. However, I remember thinking that it was. As much as it irks me some days, Facebook birthdays are…

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