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Himalayan Salt & Wellness: This Stuff is Magic!

I lean on the side of caution when it comes to some of the stuff floating around the web.  But I was intrigued by Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps and other pink salt alternatives.

Okay, yes, I love pink. Pegged me.  And, because my nose doesn’t work, and it is basically strictly for decoration, I use a lot of salt.

Like a lot of salt.

I only read articles that make claims that salt is good for you because I am not ready to die of hypertension from all the negativity.  I only really jumped on board with all the fuss about essential oils when I experienced the healing properties first hand.

Oh lavender, how I love thee.  

But when I had a mineral deficiency and elevated inflammation markers and my holistic doctor recommended that I try adding a little Himalayan rock salt to my water and soaking in a Himalayan salt bath… I was like, “yeah, okay… salt, got it.”  Cause frankly, if it is too hard, I am not interested.  Mom life, it is hectic enough.

And then, about a month later I was getting my monthly massage.  I do this on the regular.  I have a membership to a local spa where I get a gentle one hour massage.  And I mean gentle.  With muscle pain a constant in my life and joint swelling as a result of my Hoshimotos Thyroid Disease, I stress… GENTLE.  And my hips are off limits unless you’d like me to come off the table screaming.  Also, naked.


So I was at my local massage clinic and I had missed the month before, due to a painful month of flare.  My regular masseuse was out and had recommended another clinician, who notified me to the credit and suggested that I use the overage on a 90-minute Himalayan Stone Massage.  After a blood oath, she’s not mine, I agreed.

I have had stone massages before, but with river stone, and my muscles and skin were on fire.  I won’t do that again.

But this professional showed me the smooth stones and demonstrated pressure options, and I agreed.

Ya’ll I have zero pain tolerance.  I don’t recommend very many things, and when I do… you can rest assured, I wholeheartedly believe.  And I am sold on Himalayan Salt.  Halfway through my massage, I was forced to ask if the masseuse was a witch.

I had zero pain and was notably relieved.

My husband, Justin often asks why I bother with massage because truly, it is hard on me.  But not nearly as hard as the toxins, I save for rainy days and water weight if I don’t get a massage. And I confess, there have been seasons when I could not afford the luxury, in which case I am forced to use a foam roller and self-inflicted facia torture devices to detox.

This is the Facia Blaster I use… I have had it for about 2 and a half years, I do not use this company’s oils, but instead, use liquid coconut oil and I usually do the process while sweating it out in an infrared sauna, either at my parent’s house or at my gym.

As a far a foam roller goes, I have had a couple.

Right now I am using this one I am linking below.  While I can’t say that this isn’t torturing, again, especially on my hips, if I have to… this is very helpful in detox and loosening my stiff areas.  But I have seen them at Dollar General and  Walmart.  It is a handy tool for muscle release and swelling.

After my experience with such noticeable pain relief, I wanted to try the Himalayan salt method to help my plantar fasciitis pain.  While I have used the facial blaster on my calves and arch to help keep the area loose, once again, I have found that rolling the salt ball on my foot is an exponential improvement.  You can read about other remedies I use for this nuisance in an upcoming wellness post.  Stay tuned!

But again, I am a forever fan of the Himalayan Rock Salt stone for immediate and therapeutic relief.

rock salt massage stone

Click on the image to learn more about the smooth Himalayan Salt Stone

And when it comes to other therapeutic properties, salt baths can aid in exfoliation of the skin (WARNING: DO NOT SHAVE YOUR LEGS IN A SALT BATH, YIKES.) Himalayan salt leaves my skin super soft,  hydrated-looking, and it absorbs minerals, which my doctor stressed, detoxes the body, which leads to health and healing on many levels.

So while it appears that Himalayan Salt is the latest revolution in healthcare, beauty, and a robust self-care regime, it is one I am on board with.  This from someone who is still having trouble brushing my teeth with charcoal.

So what is all the fuss about just having a Himalayan lamp in the room?  And does it matter where you get it?  I propose it does make a difference and YES, it does matter where it comes from.  The most gorgeous one I have ever seen is at my podcast partner, Rebecca Huff’s house.  And while it is lovely, and has a dimmer switch on it, which is just super cool, there are more than aesthetics to consider.

Salt Lamp

Click on the image to see where you can have a lamp like Rebecca’s!

So, whether I was totally convinced about the power of Himalayan salt lamps on air quality… ya’ll, you can use them for diffusing your favorite essential oils!?!? You put your favorite essential on the lamp and it not only puts off a heavenly calming glow, now it smells good AND emits all the healing properties of essential oil into the air too.

Stop it you say?


Because, this is the 411 on the amazing benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps according to So Well.

Salt crystal comes from many places in the world. Many resources online will have you believe that only Himalayan salt is “real” and “authentic” but this is false information and most of the “sources” don’t actually own salt lamps or sell them. We have imported salt lamps from Poland (the birthplace of salt lamps) and even Iran, and have tested them with countless devices all proven to work the way salt lamps work.
So Well® Himalayan Salt lamps do not generate negative ions themselves. They are “hygroscopic,” which means that they attract moisture, humidity, and airborne water molecules.
Hygroscopy is a natural property of sodium chloride. Since they do not generate the negative ions, they need a heat source (in this case, heat from an incandescent bulb) to accelerate evaporation, which does produce negative ions.
In more humid regions, an unlit salt lamp will eventually “cry,” even creating puddles of water at its base. It is this evaporation that generates negative ions, which are beneficial to our health. Additionally, the heat from the small light bulb keeps these beautiful crystals dry and in turn releases negative ions (the healthy ones found in abundance in places like oceans, waterfalls, and even your shower) into the air.
What Is An Ion?
Very simply, an ion is an atom or molecule that has gained or lost an electron.
Both positive and negative ions exist in the air: positive air ions are generally molecules of carbon dioxide that have lost an electron, whereas a negative air ion is generally a molecule of oxygen that has gained an electron. Negative ions in the air attract particles of pollution and give them a negative charge, making them seek an electrical “ground,” and causing them to fall harmlessly to the floor. It stands to reason that we want to be surrounded by negative ions as a way of protecting our health.
Ions cannot be produced without an energy source. An “energy source” means heat or flame, radioactivity, frictional rubbing, electricity, evaporation, etc. Ions can also be produced by high-energy events, such as an open flame or a glowing hot object. Evaporating water will produce negative ions in the air and, as a consequence, leave the damaging positive charges behind in the water that hasn’t yet evaporated.
Do Negative Ions Really Work?
Nature is constantly producing negative ions to combat pollution in the air.
This is why the air feels so refreshing after a storm: lightening produces a high concentration of negative ions, which purifies the air and makes it so invigorating.
Water from a cascading waterfall also produces negative ions as the water thunders against the pool below, causing both friction and evaporation (both energy sources). For the same reason, the enormous amounts of negative ions in the pure air at the seashore is caused by the constant rise and fall of the tides.
(© Copyright 2019. So Well)

Furthermore, I am drawn to Fairtrade Companies like my son’s “the vandals,” Sam and Charlie are drawn to Doritos and Peanut Butter and Jelly “Sammiches.”

And this is the reason I am all over So Well for Himalayan Salt products.   These treasures are one-of-a-kind Himalayan crystal salt lamps handmade from ancient salt crystal by skilled artisans from Pakistan, that are organic, vegan, cruelty-free.

And speaking of the vandals, this soft light is an excellent addition in their room for a nightlight with multi-purposes.  Like I said, a nightlight, and then it diffuses the lavender essential oil I have used to help them sleep and calm them since day one.  And the air quality is of benefit to Sam whose poor little nose is so bleedy and his skin…oh geez.

[bctt tweet=”I am a forever fan of the Himalayan Rock Salt stone for immediate and therapeutic relief.  ” username=”httpstwittercomjamiamerine”]

Charlie is just a snorer.  I can make no claims to testify that the Himalayan Salt Lamp has done anything to improve this.  Sam concurs.

As far as Sam’s skin goes, I have just ordered the Hydrating Whipped Body Butter to try on his chronically dry skin.  The body butter is It is gluten-free, 81% organic, SLS Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, and Fragrance-Free. It is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free. Only uses Fair Trade Himalayan salt, and you can bookmark or pin this post and I will update it after I try it on him for a couple of weeks.  It is not scented, but I will be adding a drop or two of the Lavender Essential oil that I currently add to his other body butter.  I am hoping the addition of the salt and minerals will be healing, but as I said, I want to try it before I recommend it.  So… stay tuned!

The other thing I will be updating this post on is their salt pillows.

As a sufferer of chronic headaches and hot flashes, I am super jazzed to try this product.  The reviews are raving on their hot cold salt pillows are created with cotton covers and Himalayan salt.  Noted to “sooth yourself with heated or cooled salt pillows that can lessen inflammation and swelling, soothe sore or painful muscles, and relax your senses as you calmly recharge.” Learn about their salt pillows here.

Um…yep.  I need that in my life.  I will keep you posted.

What I have not tried is cooking/serving on Himalayan Salt tiles and trays.  But! My friend Rebecca Huff has a GORGEOUS post with all the stuff you need to know about that!  You can read it here

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And there you have what I have learned and loved about So Well’s Himalayan Salt products.

Two thumbs up!

Learn more here!

Jesus be all over your salty self!  Love, Jami

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