The #1 Beauty Secret... seriously you can't look better than this

The #1 Beauty Secret… seriously you can’t look better than this

Day 23: When I was in 7th grade (at the rat tail end of the 80’s) I was not allowed to wear make-up yet. So I secretly (but not so subtly) applied it at school.
Pink frosted lip gloss (a shimmery glue-like substance) and bold blue eye shadow were my weapons of choice to woo the boys (who were a foot shorter than me…convenient). I felt grown-up, but I looked like a clown.
Don’t get me started on the bangs that were ratted up so high they scrapped the ceiling as I entered Science Class. Ah yes, Science Class, the place where I was introduced to gems like the Growing Up and Liking It booklet and Captain Condom cartoons (don’t google it, wait, you already did?).

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Katie is helping me out today as we have a big foster care day today. Please show her some love by sharing this fabulous post and keep our family, #joybaby, and all involved  in your prayers.  I love you each. Jami

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