As a Boy Thinketh: Homeschooling, Again

as a boy thinketh

As a Boy Thinketh: Homeschooling, Again I withdrew our two young sons, Sam and Charlie from public school on Thursday to homeschool, again.   And I have no horror story to report.  To all the teachers and administrators, I know your work is impossible.  This is not about any one shortcoming or failure, this is about…

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Military Mom: Home of the Brave

military mom

Military Mom: Home of the Brave As a Military mom, the Fourth of July means something different than it used to.  I don’t suppose I was ever very patriotic. I mean, I have fond memories of parades, fireworks, watermelon, and swimming until my 42 cousins and I passed out cold.  And I know the pledge…

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Mom Boss: Effective Advocacy

mom boss advocate

It is safe to assume if you are reading this, you are a curious a mom.  The title “mom,” rarely doesn’t have some descriptive attached to it. Soccer, bad, good, working, stay-at-home, world’s best, foster, adoptive, step, certainly I have left off a few, but you get the gist.   Mom is a mixed bag of love,…

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Save This Date… Count it Among Your Best

Save This Date... Count it Among Your Best 1

My son recently left for Marine Bootcamp. Through blurry eyes, I tried to focus on the stunning save the date cards that had just arrived in the mail.  Our oldest daughter had a list of things to discuss. My heart and head were divided between belief and unbelief. Honestly, the package and discussion were a…

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Grief Isn’t a Lack of Faith…


Grief drenched me. From the windows of my bedroom on the second story of our home on our 640-acre ranch, I could see the sky morphing from daytime to a water colored twilight. The master bedroom glowed with purple hues. My husband Justin, who always generous and thoughtful, had excused me for the evening.  I…

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