Old Too Soon, Wise Just in Time


Well, I guess it is time to write a post about being old. I would have liked to credit myself as original.  And I have tried to color outside the line of blogging.  I didn’t even want to blog.  It still makes me a little nuts that blogging is a verb.  Alas, here is where…

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The Unwell Christian: Shouldn’t it be Well?

the unwell christian

The Unwell Christian: Shouldn’t it be Well? When I accidentally discovered I was a writer, I knew that Jesus and I would have to go into the deep and figure out why I was not “well.” What is that thing that all the unwell Christians chime? It is well with my soul. I don’t think I…

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Depression, Anxiety & the Faithful

depressed anxious

Depression, Anxiety & the Faithful Depression and anxiety happen to the Faithful.  And I know this for sure because I have been there. Granted, I am on the other side.  But from that side, I want to tell you a few things, take them or leave them. Either way, it’s okay.   Most people would not…

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You Probably Need Counseling…

you need counseling

“I probably need counseling,” and my daughter and I said, “Yes, you do,” too quickly and simultaneously.  Which was awkward. And then my mom said, “Nah. It’s way too late for that.” No, really, it’s not.  And this isn’t a jab at my mom.  She knows she needs counseling. I think we all do.  Wait,…

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Himalayan Salt & Wellness: This Stuff is Magic!

rock salt bowl lamp

I lean on the side of caution when it comes to some of the stuff floating around the web.  But I was intrigued by Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps and other pink salt alternatives. Okay, yes, I love pink. Pegged me.  And, because my nose doesn’t work, and it is basically strictly for decoration, I use…

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Skinny Jeans, Fat Knees: A Study in Self Loathing

skinny jeans fat knees

Skinny Jeans, Fat Knees: A Study in Self Loathing Who here is ready for the skinny jean fad to go ahead and get on its way? The very term, “skinny jeans” is a play on everything that was meant to be good about jeans. My 16-year-old daughter looks fantastic in them. And while I am…

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In Defense of Anxiety: A Friend of Jesus’ Walk with Terror

anxiety depression jesus

I remember, I believed I was dying. I was wholly wracked with anxiety. My heart pounded so intensely, you could see the reverberation through my pajama top. If you have ever met me in person, you know, under the mounds of flesh layering my sternum, this is impressive.  “Is this anxiety?  Am I over-reacting?  It’s…

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Hopelively for Women

hopelively for women

Hopelively is a Facebook community for women who cherish wellness.  The group started by myself and Rebecca Huff of thatorganicmom.com is administrated by me, Rebecca, and Lorraine Reep of Grace and Graffiti. How can you benefit? Hopelively is a group designed to encourage women in all stages and wellness to seek Jesus in all things.…

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Wellness: My Body vs. My Soul

Wellness: My Body vs. My Soul As I pulled up the little dirt road into the woods, my heart pounded in my chest.  “What am I doing?”  In the back seat of my jeep sat a suitcase, yoga mat, my briefcase, and a small purple kennel, with my latest familial addition, a rescue pup I…

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