Decision Making: Soft Cheese, Frugal Living, & For That Too

Decision Making: Soft Cheese, Frugal Living, and For That Too. 

In the podcast linked below, Rebecca Huff of That Organic Mom, and I talked about all things decision making.

I was shocked to learn that the average adult makes 35,000 decisions in a day.

The shock wore off quickly. Truly when I thought about it, that number seemed a little low.  Prior to recording, I made 4,000 decisions.  What to wear, which mic to use, pee now, or later?  Diet coke, water, or iced tea?

But truly, these aren’t major decisions.  I give them little thought.  Also, I forgo peeing 9,800 times a day, because everyone’s needs usually trump mine and I don’t have time for basic bodily functions.

Decide Jami.

So, I just decided not to complain about an on-going urinary tract infection to talk to you, somewhat seriously, about decision making.


There are big ones and small ones.  We are currently in the market for a truck for our Marine-Baby, who returns from deployment next month.  That decision is mind-boggling.  John is getting married in May and has two years left in the Marine Corp.

It is very likely he will be driving back to Texas to see his bride from his assignment location, often.  We want to make the right decision to bless him with a good vehicle. The decision to be at the airport when he arrives… no brainer.

I cannot wait to see this boy.

He has been gone a very long time.

The decisions surrounding the trip to our “home town,” those are bigger.  And as I made lists of things to be tended to, with that in mind, I doubled up on brain power to consider this post and free printable download to go with it.

It was then, that I was further distracted by an alert from Pinterest.

“Top picks for you, Jami!  New pins in frugal living and soft cheeses.”

I will be honest, I kind of hated to see this.  Apparently, somewhere in the mystical beast of analytics, frugal living and soft cheeses were the capstones of my decisions to pin.

I do like soft cheeses.

Frugal living is something I really must work at.  I like stuff.  And, I like shopping and raspberries. Raspberries don’t jive with the frugal living lifestyle.

I do not remember making the decision to investigate more ways to incorporate soft cheeses into my life. However, I do remember, vividly, making the decision to revamp our budget to spend a little extra on a truck for our Marine.

Part of that decision involves buying my soft cheeses, in bulk.

So, on a trip to Costco, which is a decision I hate to have to make, I prayed a quick prayer.  “Jesus, open my eyes to decision making.  What does it mean to decide as you would decide?  And, how can be more in tune with your decisions?”

Honestly, Costco is not the best place to commune with the Lord.

I have zero tolerance for greed. And, while this might offend a few folks, I have decided to tell you, I have no patience for free samples in public shopping arenas.  The licking of fingers, the shoving of children, and the stalled-out lines in front of the aisle I am trying to get to, send me reeling.


Don’t worry, I will expose my folly shortly. So, on this trip to mega trough, I was decidedly, cognizant of everyone around me.

The first decision I made was to get drinks.

As I unloaded an apocalyptic case of sodas into my cart, I observed a man bark at his PREGNANT female companion to grab a case of Dr. Pepper.

She obliged.

A few aisles down he stacked a bag of beef jerky onto the heavy cargo she was wrestling.

Then, he stopped to graze on a sample of chili, never offering her help or offer her a taste.

Next, I saw him stop to read a bag of chips, I noted “Well! Would you look at that, the ape can read.”  His companion looked weary.  He never seemed to acknowledge her.  And then, he stacked the bag on top of her heavily weighted arms.  She adjusted and lowered her chin to secure the items, of the cleverly balanced haul.

I bit back fury.  And in my mind, I heard, “and for that too.”


On the next aisle, a woman was sitting on the floor, eating a tiny cup of some free sample, talking on her phone.  Her toddler was beating the dog out of a enormous bag of Doritos. The child and I made eye contact and I smiled and she… stuck her tongue out at me and then said, “You’re ugly!”


“And for that too.”

I pushed my cart to check out, where I was met with the hostile glare of an underpaid and fatigued cashier.  Her only words to me, “Card!”


“And for that too.”

As luck would have it, I exited the store behind the ape and his wife-made-pack mule.  He barked at her, “What the hell did you do with the keys?”  And she mumbled, “I think they are in your pocket.”  He pulled them out and got in the truck and started it.  She arranged the items in the back of their truck, stretched her neck, and shook out her exhausted arms.

I wanted to help her kill him and bury the body… but I had ice cream, and it was melting.

“And for that too.”

I drove home, adrenaline pumping, ice cream melting, fully engulfed in disgust, rage, and the promise to never, ever go back to Costco.

I hate humanity.

“And for that too…”

I barked, “WHAT IS THAT???  WHAT???”

“And for that too.”

Later that evening, with exponential amounts of chicken pot pies and Oreos neatly packed away in the pantry, and children nestled in their beds, I sat down to write.

“And for that too.”

Seriously, I had no idea.

I opened my Bible and these words jumped off the page, “For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit.” (1 Peter 3:18)

“And for that too…”

For the lousy husbands/boyfriends/baby-daddies, Super-Store shovers, lackadaisical parents, mean toddlers, and hateful cashiers, yes, He died, for that too.

And, for the judgmental and snarky blogger, with introvert tendencies, and a propensity for soft cheeses and berries she cannot afford… yes, for that too.

I sat in the quiet and I made a decision.

The grandest choice I can make, every single day, is to know that He died for that too.

He died for my bad decisions, bad behaviors, and bad days.

Furthermore, He died so that I could be brought to God, righteous.  I know many of you will read this and decide to lose it because 1. You cannot believe the audacity of the man/ape in Costco, or 2. You thoroughly enjoy free sample grazing at mega stores.

Neither of these things is the point.  The real point is, I am no better, and I have decided to believe in my righteousness, bought and paid for once for all.  Greater, those who irritate, offend and exasperate me, well, He did it for them too.

Although it has only been a few days, I am stunned by the decision.

Deciding to stop and remember, “and for that too,” is a glimpse at what it meant to die for a fallen world, knowing full well, it may go completely unnoticed.

While I still sinned, while I still sin, He is available to help me decide.  My budgeting fiascoes and brutal disgust for humanity, have nothing on why He was willing to do this thing.

This huge thing, this brutal death, for the world He so loved, it is a decision that changed the way we maneuver among humans and make grand choices.

No word on which soft cheese He prefers. However, even if I made a bad decision in my selection, I rest easy knowing, He did it, “for that too…”

[bctt tweet=”This huge thing, this brutal death, for the world He so loved, it is a decision that changed the way we maneuver among humans and make grand choices. ” quote=”This huge thing, this brutal death, for the world He so loved, it is a decision that changed the way we maneuver among humans and make grand choices. “]

May your floors be sticky and your calling (decidedly) ordained.  Love, Jami

“For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit.” (1 Peter 3:18)

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  2. Glenna McKelvie on February 14, 2019 at 11:21 am

    After being totally disgusted with another human in the parking lot of the Doctor’s office (for that, too, I am sorry, Jesus) I read that anger -and probably disgust— weakens, the immune system!

  3. Lauren Sparks on February 19, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    Beautiful. Sharing on twitter today.

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