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Jesus, Naked in Walmart, & All the Things: Wendy Olson

Jesus, Naked in Walmart, and All the Things: Wendy J. Olson

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Today we are talking about all the things with Wendy.

Today’s show is a little longer.  But I felt like this interview encompassed all the things that are at the core of what I do and why I do it.  AND I really wanted you to get to know Wendy.  She is great and so is her work.  Here is a little more about her…

Hi! My name is Wendy J Olson! I am a Fire Wife, a Special Needs Mom, an autoimmune disease warrior, and a social justice wannabe. I’m a New Yorker that somehow ended up in Texas 29 years ago, with way more sass and attitude than this state can handle. My husband and I have two kids and we live in the Fort Worth area.

I spent years trapped in a prison of my own making and I never realized that this is where I’d lived most of my life.

wendy j olson

I’ve faced many addictions and hardships in my life and have moved from victim/survivor to overcomer thanks to Jesus and His relentless pursuit of me.
[bctt tweet=”Me and Wendy Olson! Listen to an authentic talk, a few laughs, and the truth about being naked in Walmart. @mrswendyjolson” quote=”Me and Wendy Olson! Listen to an authentic talk, a few laughs, and the truth about being naked in Walmart. @mrswendyjolson”]
My passion is to see women set free. Having worked in the area of anti-trafficking for two years, and just being around women in general, I’ve seen the worst of the worst. And I think you’d be surprised that the most chained up women live in your neighborhood. Yes, even the one with the gates. And she likely goes to your church, and has a “picture-perfect” family.
I encourage women to be who God created them to be, unapologetically. And I created a space for women to share their stories, the good and the bad, the messy and the not so happily-ever-afters, because I believe stories bring healing and stories are what change people. I believe that is why Jesus told stories. Having written and scrapped and in the process of rewriting my own story, I’ve come to realize their importance. And I hope these stories help point other women to freedom as well. I can’t force you to embrace healing. I can only point you to the open door. You have to make the choice to walk through it. But be warned: that first step is a doozy.
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You can listen here!  I hope you enjoy this chat.

Jesus be all over you!  Love, Jami
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