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A Brand New Mind: How to Think Like a Grace Girl

A grace message for your mind… A Brand New Mind: How to Think Like a Grace Girl

Truly, I crave being made new.

Yesterday was the pits for me.  I was laid out all day with a headache.  Finally, I had to take something that left me dopey and unable to function… and I could hear my heartbeat banging in my head. In my misery and patheticness, I had three very vivid ideas. Vaguely, I remember, I jotted them down and look forward to spending time with my Jesus and the creative process. So, when I woke this morning, over-rested and ready to get busy, I was hit with discouragement. For this reason, I sat alone in the dark to pray and was overwhelmed with the words I found in chicken scratch in my notebook.

God has made my mind powerful.  Because I believe I am strong in the Holy Spirit. Set your mind in the power of your belief.

So, as I jotted down all the things I feel I must work through, write, paint, and a laundry list of things to attend to.  I have decided that I is where I most want my heart to be made new.

Lord, help my unbelief, help my mind get completely set on the power of belief and the life of a Grace Girl.

Of course, there are other things I want to change about myself.  I have a great desire to be a Size 6 and for firm thighs and flat tummy.  However, why do I equate my physical shape with the depths of my salvation?

No, these physical goals are hardly the same thing.

Somewhere in the twists and turns of thought and belief, I have convinced myself my mind is lacking.

Consequently, I further the insanity by affirming said ideas when I look in the mirror or glance around my cluttered home.  I question, what is this malady of lies I foster and feed?  Furthermore, when did I first believe that my appearance or performance formulated my spirit?  Next, if tomorrow I were to meet with an accident and lost a limb would I believe in Jesus any less?

Most noteworthy, I say to you, by no means.

Would a handicap or illness define me as lacking in my belief that Jesus died so that I might walk in the freedom of my salvation?

Therefore, I must ask, if this were true, why the Cross?

While it is true, my physical body may bear the signs of age, injury, childbirth, and too many carbs my physical body is not the looking glass into my soul.  Still, I tell you, my heart adores my King.  My heart cries out to Him, my Jesus, that I am made better. Meanwhile, He sees only perfection.

The Lamb, undefiled and completed was the perfect sacrifice.  There is nothing left to be done.  Yes, most certainly I want a life of abundant health. I crave an energy that keeps me on my toes – that my mind is sharp and my voice is clear.

Above all, the enemy would love for me to embrace the lie that my physical body, with soft thighs and a raspy song, is less than worthy to shout praises. And the devil slithers on his belly whispering, “You are not good enough, thin enough, organized enough, eloquent enough for God to use you.”

Again, I whisper my disdain and I cast him back to hell.  “Get behind me you worthless sneaky snake!”

This is the truth, I stand in my wholehearted belief, nothing can separate me from the love of God.

No, nothing can stop the good work He has begun in me. And, nothing will ever silence me and my shouts of praise and worship!

Now, how far I have come in this belief.  Assuredly, how important it is to know, First, I am the favored daughter of the King. Yes, the blood of Jesus worked. Second, to believe the blood worked, that His precious blood is sufficient, and I am righteous, this is the struggle of the fear and trembling.  How can this be?   Truly, I want to know, how can this God be this GOOD?  Similarly, how is it possible He would send His only Son to die for me while I was still a sinner?

Yet, this truth is the essence of the Good News.

Consequently, I came to this truth, the blood worked and I am whole, is fundamental in my walk.

Jesus plus nothing.

Clearly, there is nothing I can do can make Him love me more. No pound lost or gained, no word spelled right or wrong, no song on pitch or squelched can separate me from this profound LOVE.

Grace is the consequence.

Eternity is the prize.

It is finished, perfection was bought for me on Calvary.  And this God, this is a good Father is the one who counts me worthy.  The renewing of my mind doesn’t come from the steps on my counter or calories on a chart. No, I am not made more or less with highlights, lowlights, or a perm.  Obviously, my vision may no longer be 20/20, but I see most clearly now; He has changed my mind.

My lyric is balanced: I walk in favor of the Most High.

Wholly,  my mouth is fully cognizant of the words.  Truly, words I repeat over and over with fear and trembling that I would copiously believe.  Need I be convinced?

Well, yes.  Blessed, only because I have never been treated with such mercy and goodness.

And, by the harsh world’s standards, it is just too good to be true.  Still, I will believe.  I am enough, I am who He has called.  Furthermore, I am worthy not by my work but simply by my faith in the Son who came and delivered me from my wretchedness and called me… perfectly His.

In other words, glory be to a brand new mind…

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2

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  1. Glenna McKelvie on October 21, 2018 at 9:19 am

    Because of a “mini series” on the third Reich we have been watching, I have been thinking a lot about the world’s view of perfection. Part of Hitler’s plan was to execute anyone with Down Syndrome, MS, or other genetic imperfections, weeding out those who didn’t “stand up” in Hitler’s eyes to a perfect race. Dark skin was also considered an imperfection or Jewish blood! (And our Savior was Jewish) —I am grateful that “warts and all” Jesus sees me as lovely and by some miracle of grace, perfected!

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