Gently Mommy Screams: The Wrong Words in Perfect Chorus 1

Gently Mommy Screams: The Wrong Words in Perfect Chorus

Row, Row, Row your boat gently mommy screams!”

If there is anything I love about mothering littles it is there obliteration of the English language.

The vandals, our three and five-year-old sons, are champion demolition men, both in word and deed.

From the their very own gender neutral pronoun, “herm” for he, she, his and hers, to the increasing popular rendition of Row Your Boat – Let’s not forget the classic “Chockit Nulk” and “Maked in the Cowld Sheeps,” we are constantly in tears laughing at the mockery they make of “Worbs.”

The other night the vandals were begging my husband, Justin to “weeed some more of dem funny books to dem before bed.”  Justin had driven out of town early that morning, had a full day of meetings and returned in time for dinner.  All he wanted was to get into the “Cowld sheeps…” showered, in clean pjs – not “maked.”

The vandals were wiped out, having swam all afternoon.  I confided in Justin, “Tell them you’ll be in there in 5 minutes.  Go shower, they’ll be out cold by time you return, they’ll forget by morning.

I was partially correct.

The next morning both vandals came storming up the stairs, “dem funny books” in hand. The mad duo demanded their promised “Bed times stormies” while they munched on strawberry “Top Parts.” Justin complied most apologetically.

And I know, you get tired of “my dad is great!” stories.

My dad is in fact, great.

And he is the catalyst for my general acceptance of how much my Heavenly Father loves me.  Foremost in my mind, why would God call Himself a good and loving Father… if He meant otherwise?

This week on our podcast my sister and I spoke about the fruit of the spirit, gentleness. And of all the examples I could give, Justin continually demonstrated a gentleness that I felt warranted comparison.

Injured last week while working out, Justin was most concerned with me staying off my feet.  Even after I was prayed for, and most miraculously healed, he begged I take caution.  Two days later I was hit with a nasty case of bronchitis.  After a horrible day I limped myself and a wicked cough upstair to climb into the “cowld sheeps.”  Justin brought me a huge glass of ice water, pulled off my shoes, brought me medicines, Kleenex, and drew the blinds.  I could hear him, most lovingly, dealing with the vandals and the foster love.  I cough/cried myself to sleep.

And yes, I acknowledge, perhaps your husband is a butthead, Justin can be too.

And I know, you have daddy issues… I have a few, but they all can be traced back to Algebra.  The point is, the examples I give about human gentleness cannot compare to the love of the Father.

How much more does my Father in Heaven love me?

If I asked for a fish would He give me a snake?

If I asked for bread would He give me a stone?

[clickToTweet tweet=”How He gently loves me… How perfectly He protects. #gentle #Jesus” quote=”How He gently loves me… How perfectly He protects. #gentle #Jesus”]

Still, for years I believed the God of all to be a harsh task master.  I believed, His wrath must be placated… that bad days, torn calf muscles, and bronchitis were harsh punishments for my sin nature.  I believed God to be as punitive as I was toward myself.  I designated cruel and nasty attributes to Him… as if He were a worse parent than I would even consider myself.

More often than not, I am slain by a culture that has so many scriptures memorized by heart about the heart of God… but don’t believe them to be true. The perfected harmony of words… with the wrong meaning, a dilusional understanding.  As if they feel better, believing, “He couldn’t possibly love me that much… because I don’t deserve it.”

Goodness… I am so glad I am not getting what I deserve.

With my last breath I want to shout from the hill tops how good this God is.

Oh how He has been bitterly accused.

What a gentle and loving God.

How He loves.

How He protects.

How He adores.

Herms better dan everyfing we could eber want… He lubs pwerfectwee.

A gentleman… He is most careful with you.

May your floors be sticky and your calling ordained.  Love, Jami

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1 Peter 5:7 Live carefree before God; He is most careful with you.

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This week on the podcast Stacey and I talked about gentleness.

Stacey mentioned the book Classic Christianity by Bob George you can buy your copy here:

The scripture references for this week are:

Psalm 18:35 You have also given me the shield of your slavation and your right hand upholds me; and your gentleness makes me great.

Strong’s Concordance

Gentleness: For the believer, meekness or a “gentle force” begins with the Lord’s inspiration and finishes with His direction and empowerment. It is divinely balanced virtue that can only operate through faith.

1 Peter 5:7 Live carefree before God; He is most careful with you.

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  1. elizabeth edens on May 20, 2017 at 7:05 am

    What a perfect father. Thank you.

    But, what is “cowld sheeps?” I can’t figure that one out:-)

    • jami_amerine on May 20, 2017 at 7:59 am

      Cold sheets. I should have clarified!

  2. Glenna McKelvie on May 20, 2017 at 8:13 am

    An old hymn came to mind when I read this: “Oh How He
    Loves You and Me.” And He does!!!!

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