Stop It: A Brand New Mind

stop it

So you want to stop it?  You want to experience everything promised to you, create a new mind and experience the fullness of faith? Yes, it is possible.  Not because I said so, but because Jesus said so.  So steeped in the belief that this would work, and that it was a worthy cause, He…

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Quitting #ClubJesus

It was an opportunity I am glad I did not miss, two men howling laughing at a bumper sticker that said, “Child of God on Board.” Their conversation was juvenile but spoke to me. Dude 1:  If I slam into this car will hell fire fall? Dude 2: That would be awesome! Dude 1: I need…

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What if We REALLY Believed Jesus?

We talk the talk.  Don’t we? We have the good scriptures memorized. “I can do all things…” “For God so loved the world…” “Lord, if it is your will take this cup…” “Our Father who art…” “Though I walk through the valley of death….”   Tomorrow morning, we will be up bright and early. We…

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