Freedom: Guest Post 

Freedom: Guest Post 

Special thanks to my sister for helping me keep the streak going!  I was sick last night and Stacey has a fabulous post for us!!  
If you buy your wife a microwave….

When your microwave dies the day after Thanksgiving you might find yourself making a less than appealing mash-up of leftovers in a cast iron skillet, and your husband might have a brilliant idea to go to the Black Friday sale to buy a new one.

While shopping at your local big box store, you might realize that your new stainless steel microwave won’t look very good over your old, white, dingy oven. And you might think you got such a great deal on the new microwave, that you might as well buy a shiny new oven too!
When the new stainless steel appliances are delivered to the house, you might realize that they don’t look as good as you had hoped with the dated oak cabinets and the burnt orange walls that you have tolerated since the day you moved in.

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