If Moms Ruled the World: Mom Law

mom law by Jami Amerine

If Moms Ruled the World: Mom Law If moms ruled the world, Mom Law would make life run much smoother.  Maybe not every day, especially not Mondays, but for just a moment, let’s look at how different things might be.  I got a text from my oldest daughter this week, it was a news article…

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The Mom Car: Where Coolness and Life Collide

The Mom Car by Jami Amerine

The Mom Car:  Where Coolness and Life Collide Remember, remember the deep unquenchable need, the need for speed?  Truthfully, there was only .000005% of the population of teenage girls that were granted that most coveted of wishes, a pink Camaro with vanity plates, secretly staged in the driveway. We imagined a big red bow, for…

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Dear Spelling List: the Myth, the Legend, the Beast

dear spelling list

Dear Spelling List: the Myth, the Legend, the Beast There you are.  Truly, you never change, you with your pious phonetical rubbish, except when you throw out some random silent P. What is that? I imagine if you were to answer me, you would give some easy response.  But I know you so well.  I…

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Seasonal Motherhood: Back to School

back to school seasonal motherhood

Seasonal Motherhood: Back to School  The kids go back to school on Thursday. I feel aggrieved about this.  I am a Monday start kind of gal. So, Thursday doesn’t really work for me.  But no one asked me.  Which is a shame.  I know stuff.  I have been doing this parenting gig for 23 plus…

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Dear Mean Mommy, Give Yourself a Break

Dear Mean Mommy, Give Yourself a Break 1

I am a mean mommy. Did I not hope to be sweet, tender … joyful?  Certainly, this isn’t true? Surely, that can’t be the core of who I am, my entire identity? – is this what I went into the business of motherhood to be labeled as? In my most uptight and fitful moments, with…

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The Breast Feeding Offense…

The Breast Feeding Offense... 1

I was recently asked my opinion on openly breastfeeding in public. It fascinates me this is an issue with the current fashion trends.  I am actually surprised anyone could take offense to a baby being nourished in the mall when a half-naked 15-year-old is standing in line at the cookie factory. I am no more…

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The Crockpot Confession

The Crockpot Confession 2

Poor as church mice, that is how my mother-in-law would have described us. When Justin and I got married we had nothing. We stopped at the post office on the way to our wedding reception to see if there were any congratulatory cards with money in them. Luckily, one of my dad’s buddies came to…

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